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The Intrepid Story

Graham Butler was new to handcycles in 2006, but from the first time he got on a cycle he realised that owning a cycle of this type would open up new possibilities for adventure in his life. However, when he looked into buying a handcycle he was shocked at the high price of the products on the market coupled with limited innovation. As a qualified engineer and product designer, Graham immediately began thinking of ways to build his own equipment. He founded the Intrepid Equipment company in 2007 and, over a period of 2 years he developed and tested a practical design for a handcycle that evolved into the popular Intrepid Tourer.

Five years from the outset, we now have bikes on 6 continents and in all 50 states. The Intrepid company has evolved to offer a diverse product line and to provide clinic and event services. This year we plan to expand these services to cover a wider geographical area beyond the western states. We pride ourselves on providing a personal service to clients, and catering for special needs, especially for those who are physically challenged. Handcycles and recumbent cycles offer the opportunity for enjoyable and sustained physical exercise for both disabled and able-bodied people. This is a great way to keep fit.

In 2011 we moved into a more spacious location in San Diego, California with easy access from Interstate 5, minutes from downtown, and the San Diego International Airport.  We offer test rides and fittings at our shop in San Diego.

As a company, we are enthusiastic about cycling, and we normally arrange an extended cycle ride each week in San Diego. We always extend an open invitation for like-minded people to join us – for details feel free to call Intrepid. (858 324 1848).

This year we are pleased to announce the launch of 3 new handcycles:

The Rascal. A serious handcycle designed for young children, normally upto the age of 10-11 years old (up to 4ft tall).

The Estrada. A sturdy, low slung handcycle suitable for entry racing events. With suitable upgrades, this cycle can accommodate riders up to 350lb.

The Morph. This handcycle has two functioning positions. When extended, it is a road cycle with the speed and comfort of a normal handcycle. When contracted, it has a 4ft. wheelbase and can be manipulated in confined spaces such as shops and offices. To “morph” from one position to another, the rider operates a simple control while seated on the cycle.

We look forward to continuing our personal service for customers through 2012 and beyond.

To learn more about us meet our team.


In 2011 Intrepid started making our products available through a limited number of dealers.  Our dealers offer test rides and advice, in addition to after sales support.  We are actively seeking new dealers, so if you are a bike shop and are interested in carrying our products, then please visit our new dealers page.

If you are a customer looking for a dealer close to where you live then visit our existing handcycle service center page.