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Custom Design Services

If you are the person who wants a completely unique product, or you have an idea that you want realized, then we want to hear from you. We can design and fabricate anything that you can imagine whether it is a custom handcycle or a new type of high tech communications device.We have years of experience designing products for major corporations, as well as individuals.

Computer Aided Design
Finite Element Stress Analysis and 3 Dimensional CAD Software

Click on the images below for some examples of our past and ongoing projects:

Morphing Handcycle

The Morphing Handcycle

Electric police bike

The Police Patrol Bike

Personal lighting accessory

Personal lighting accessory

A handcycle which has great high speed stability, and transforms to have high maneuverability.
A full suspension electrically assisted patrol bike with removable pannier motor and battery system.
Automatically activated lighting device. Convenient interior bag lighting.

We use the latest in 3 dimensional computer aided design and engineering simulation software. We will use these tools to develop your idea quickly and efficiently. We will work with you at every step of the process to ensure that we get an outstanding result.

We have a full service machine shop where we can quickly turn computer designs into professional physical products. Unlike many firms offering product design services, we can use our machine shop to perform quick physical tests that prove a concept. This is an extremely fast and cost effective way to arrive at an optimal product.

Our rates are extremely competitive. We are, however, selective about the projects that we will accept. We welcome creative clients with interesting projects.

Our shop rate is: $80.00 per hour
Materials and supplies consumed for the project are not included.

Please call us to discuss your project (858-324-1848). We are happy to sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement. Please do not call to ask whether we would be willing to work for a royalty agreement. This is not good for you in the long term, and is not good for us in the short term.