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Intrepid Handcycle Albums

Handcycle Banner Images

Images of handcycle for the home page.

7 Photos

Tourer Handcycle

Product Photos of the Intrepid Tourer handcycle

11 Photos

Tourer Handcycle Colors

Standard colors for the Intrepid Tourer Handcycle

3 Photos

Handcycle Wheelsets

Aerospoke carbon fiber 700c wheel. These wheels are aerodynamic and tough. We recommend Aerospokes for riders over 200lbs or as a race wheel.

1 Photos

Tourer Frame Options

Image gallery of the travel frame for the Intrepid Tourer Handcycle. These images fully illustrate the features of the travel handcycle.

1 Photos

Morphing Handcycle

Showcasing the revolutionary Morphing Handcycle

21 Photos

Estrada Colors

Standard colors for the Intrepid Estrada

3 Photos