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Wheel options

Sun-Ringle CR18 Front handcycle wheel

Standard Wheels:  This includes a 36h Shimano Deore 6 bolt disc hub, and a Sun-Ringle CR18 rim on the front with Wheelsmith spokes.  The standard rear wheels include 28h Sun-Ringle cartridge bearing hubs, with Sun-Ringle Assault rims laced together using Wheelsmith spokes.  Rims are made in Taiwan. Standard wheels come with Vee rubber 700c road tires.

Velocity Deep-V Front handcycle wheel

Velocity Aerohead and Deep V:  Adds $299.00 to the price.  Front wheel has a Shimano XT 36h hub with a 6 bolt disc brake mount and a 700c Velocity Deep-V rim.  The Velocity Deep-V is a strong and light rim perfect for handcycles.  On the rear we build 28h Sun-Ringle hubs to a Velocity Aerohead rim.  The Velocity Aerohead is a light weight, aero rim perfect for the rear of any handcycle.  Rims have a machined braking surface and are made in Australia.  This wheelset comes with high quality Michelin Orium tires.

Aerospoke Carbon Fiber front handcycle wheel

Aerospoke Carbon Fiber Disc wheel:  Adds $598.00 to the price.  This is our premium handcycle wheel set.  It includes a 5 spoke carbon fiber aerospoke wheels on the front.  This wheel has a disc brake hub and cartridge bearings.  It is aerodynamic while being superbly strong.  We strongly recommend the Aerospoke for riders over 200lbs, due to its high lateral stiffness.  The front wheel has a machined braking surface and is made in the USA.  The rear wheels have Sun-Ringle hubs and Velocity Aerohead rims.  This wheelset comes with premium race Michelin Litheon Tires.


Custom Wheels:  If you would like to get something different, then we do custom wheel building and fitting.  Unfortunately we can not offer this service through our website, so please give us a call and we will gladly build whatever you need  Our number is 858-324-1848.  As a guideline, for all custom work we charge USD$80.00 per hour for our labor in addition to the cost of parts.

Our thoughts on wheels

Probably the single most important part of any bike or handcycle are its wheels.  Wheels are a dynamic load, where the rider is continuously working to accelerate the rotational speed of the wheel.  When we put together these wheel packages we considered several different elements.

  • Weight – Weight is clearly important because the heavier the wheel the harder you have to work to get it up to speed and then to keep it rolling.
  • Rolling resistance – This is often overlooked, but it is a very important part of efficient riding.  Rolling resistance is determined by wheel size (the larger the diameter of the tire the lower the natural rolling resistance will be), bearings and tires.  We put 700c wheel on all our adult handcycles which has been shown in multiple studies, and through 150 years of empirical evaluation in the bicycle industry, to have an ideal compromise between low rolling resistance and size.  In addition, a greater choice of good quality, high pressure tires are available in 700c size than any other size in the industry.
  • Lateral Strength – Unlike conventional bicycles, trikes need to have laterally strong wheels.  This is particularly true for handcycles, due to the lateral loading nature of the front steering wheel.  Therefore we have chosen wheels which have high spoke count and high lateral stiffness.  For riders over 200lbs, we recommend the  using a ccarbon fiber front wheel.  It is vastly stronger and stiffer than a traditional spoke bicycle wheel.
  • Aerodynamics – While less important than the other factors, aerodynamics is a factor, especially when riding competitively.  With this in mind we have chosen aero rims, and we recommend the Aerospoke as a solid and aerodynamic wheel well suited for handcycles.