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More on our travel handcycle frame

We have recently received a number of requests for more information and pictures of our upgraded travel frame version of the Intrepid Tourer Handcycle.

The travel frame includes a coupling device that is welded into the frame just in front of the seat.

The coupling device allows the front fork to be separated from the rear frame.  By separating the front and rear half of the handcycle, it can fit into a much smaller space than would other wise be possible.  In fact if you:  Fold down the seat back and footrests, remove the crank handles, fold down the seat and remove the rear wheels you can fit the handcycle into the trunk of a compact car.

The coupler is make of ultra high strength cromoly steel.  It has wedge shapped interlocking teeth machined into it.  When it is properly tightened the coupler is actually more rigid than the frame itself.  Extensive tests have been done on these couplers, and if they are properly installed, they are stronger than the underlying tubing into which they are welded.  The coupler adds approximately 0.5lb of weight to the frame.

Check out the gallery of some pictures of us putting the handcycle into the trunk of a car.  This whole process took between 4 and 5 minutes.

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Founder of Intrepid Cycles, San Diego, California.

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