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Meet our team

Graham Butler: Founder.  Graham plays an active role in all areas of the business.  Graham has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Sheffield, UK and started Intrepid after 4 years experience working in the product design consulting industry, with a focus on sports.  For fun, Graham, enjoys handcycling (big surprise) and camping with his wife, Michelle, and dog Biff (an honorary member of Intrepid staff).

Contact:  graham@intrepidequipment.com

David Butler:  Production operations.  In addition to being Graham’s dad, David is also in charge of production.  David has been involved with Intrepid since its inception.  He has been a driving force that has made this venture possible.  David has 30+ years of experience in senior management, and holds a PhD in Microclimatology from the University of Bristol, UK.  Before joining Intrepid David was the head of the Cocoa Research Unit at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.  David rides an Intrepid Tourer handcycle, and for fun he spends time with his family and three dogs.

Contact: dbutler@intrepidequipment.com


Patrick Smith:  Assembly and events.  Pat has been with Intrepid for 3 years, he is in charge of the assembly room where all of our bikes are assembled.  He is also intimately involved with marketing, business development, and events planning.  Pat is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in psychology.  Pat rides a Schwinn 10 speed, and for fun he goes to concerts and also enjoys cycling and camping.

Contact: pat@intrepidequipment.com

Dan Leonard:  Marketing and events.  Dan has been with Intrepid almost a year.  He works part time helping with promotion and events.  Dan is a superb athelete he has completed many triathlons the most notable of which is the Ironman in Kona, Hawaii.  While this would be an accomplishment by itself, he did it with one arm.  Dan holds an undergraduate degree in adaptive recreation, and rides a Catrike Expedition.  For fun you will find him riding his trike down the California coast or at the shop telling jokes.

Contact: dan@intrepidequipment.com

‘Spinner’:  Custom fabrication specialist.  Spinner joined Intrepid within the past year.  Spinner is an expert fabricator and is in charge of custom projects and setups.  Spinner is a master welder and machinist, and when he is not building handcycles he builds custom motorcycles and cars.  Spinner holds 2 undergraduate degrees from California State University at Chico.  Spinner rides an Eddy Merckx road bike, and for fun he is an accomplished glass blower.

Biff Butler:  Distraction artist.  Did we mention that this was a family business?  Biff is in charge of creating as many distractions as possible.  He is very good at his job.  When he is not on the job, he is usually either on a walk or asleep on the sofa.