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Purchasing options:

We understand that despite our prices, sometimes it is hard to buy one of our bikes outright.  For this reason we how offer attractive financing and lay away terms.  Information regarding funding assistance from grants and health insurance is also laid out here.


Intrepid has partnered with a financing company to offer fixed term financing of our bikes. Financing terms are flexible and start as low as $35.00 per month with nothing down.  Specific terms will depend on your credit history.

Approval is quick and easy, we will usually let you know the same day.  Once approved we will build your bike and ship it out to you.  All of our recumbents and bikes are eligible for financing.

To apply for financing is easy:

Step 1:  Contact Intrepid for a written quote for the items you wish to have financed.

Step 2:  Complete the financing application form.  Available for download here.

Step 3:  Return both the quote and application form to Intrepid

Step 4:  Sit back, relax and wait to hear whether you are approved.

The whole process usually takes less than 24 hours.  If you have any questions about financing or to obtain a quote please call us at: 800 593 9065 or email financing@intrepidequipment.com


 Lay Away:


If financing does not suit you, we also offer lay away. With lay away you make monthly payments until the value of the bike or trike is paid off, plus a small administrative fee. We will build your bike for you and hold it at our facility until the value of the lay away agreement has been paid off.

To learn more about our lay away call us 800 593 9065.

 Health Insurance:

 Veterans Administration. While the Veterans Administration can be challenging to navigate, it offers some of the best care in the country to our veterans. This includes recreation and exercise as a part of a full and healthy life. If you are a disabled veteran that needs a handcycle or recumbent for exercise then you may be eligible for equipment through the VA. Please give us a call and we will be glad to help you navigate the VA system.

Private Health Insurance. Private health insurance has on an extremely rare occasion provided equipment to patients. Unfortunately most American private insurers do not consider exercise to be a part of a healthy life. If you have private insurance from a different country then your chances of having your equipment covered are much higher. We would be glad to help with any documentation that might be required for approval by your health insurance company.


There are equipment grants available to some of our customers with disabilities. Grants are a good option if you are unable to purchase in another manner and don’t mind waiting for the grant cycle. There is a list of grant giving foundations.

Challenged Atheletes Foundation http://www.challengedathletes.org Challenged Atheletes Foundation probably provides more grants than any other non-profit. In 2010 they granted 1.3million dollars to 812 applicants including 83 handcycles. CAF grants are awarded on a seasonal basis. The 2012 grant season is now closed. The 2013 grant season will open on September 1 2012. Grants are awarded on April 15 of the following year.

Travis Roy Foundation. http://www.travisroyfoundation.org Founded in 1997, the Travis Roy Foundation is dedicated to providing help to spinal chord injury survivors. Part of this help is through their individual grants program, to help people with spinal chord injuries purchase the equipment that they need. Grants are awarded according to financial need.

Atheletes Helping Atheletes http://www.roadrunnersports.com/rrs/content/content.jsp?contentId=2400098 Atheltes helping athelets provide grants for children to purchase handcycles.

Kelly Brush Foundation http://www.kellybrushfoundation.org/ Founded by friends and family of Kelly Brush after she was injured in a skiing accident on Jiminy Peak, Massachusetts in February 2006. The foundation is dedicated to advocating for improved ski racing safety and improving the quality of lives for people living with spinal chord injuries by providing grants for adaptive sports equipment. Grants are awarded based on financial need and reviewed and awarded in late October annually.

If you are reading this and you know of any other sources of funding please send us an email so that we can add it to this list. info@intrepidequipment.com